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- July 10, 1984 -
18. International Jazz Festival,
Casino, Montreux, Switzerland
** analog DRS-FM master, MWM 0119 **
>> With special guests DAVID JOHANSEN & PETER GORDON ! ANOTHER MUST HAVE ! << w/ samples

Preliminary remark 1:

SPECIAL THANKS to all the previous uploaders of Elliott Murphy stuff,
and thanks to the steady growing crowd of supporters, friends and downloaders...
Buy his CDs & merch stuff, see him live, TAPE him AND SHARE !!
Still miss recordings from his recent US-East & Westcoast-tours...

Preliminary remark 2:

Cannot believe that this beauty here was never officially released.
A 70 minute vinyl-bootleg of this show was circulating in the 80ies, that's all.
And, checking the DIME bot, it seems that it was never uploaded here.

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VERY SPECIAL THANKS, from the bottom of my heart, to Gudi and jupiter2101
for the additional extensive internet-check and the final upload-permission.
Having now the confirmation, both allowed me to say and write:

As far as WE know NONE of this recording was ever used commercially.

Not to forget DirtyOldMan from Elliott Murphy's official mailing list
Your help, support AND caring words concerning
this torrent here was simply incommensurable !

Preliminary remark 4:

Elliott´s statement about concert recording & sharing:

"Lately we've had some misunderstandings among my precious fans about
my policy regarding the taping of my live shows so I thought I would
clarify my feelings about it. I am OK with recording my shows and
exchanging these recordings among each other or compiling certain
performances and exchanging them and even circulating my live shows on
the web as long as NO MONEY is involved and its not a commercial
venture in any sense. All rights to any of the recordings of my
performances no matter who actually records the show or who has
possession of the recordings belong to me and me alone. I'm happy to
share these shows with anyone who wants to listen and its an honor for
me that people take the time and effort to record my performances. So
I don't want to hear any discussion about who owns what or lawyers or
rights or any other nonsense. If I give permission for someone to
record a show its because I want that show to live on forever for as
many people as possible."

This recording here comes directly from the "Men With Microphones" archive.
"MWM" started in the 70ies in South Germany with analog recording equipment,
and at least two of them are still recording sometimes (since the 90ies on DAT,
and, lazy as we are, since lately with small, handheld WAV-recorders on SD-cards).
The "MWM" startet as a project of friends sharing their hobbies together. But by
reason of jobs, partners and other interests the circle of all involved shrinked.

Is it really necessary to introduce our friend Elliott ?


Elliott James Murphy (born March 16, 1949 on Long Island, New York)
is an American rock singer-songwriter, novelist, producer and
journalist living in Paris.

Elliott James Murphy Jr. was born in Mercy Hospital, Rockville Centre, New York in
1949 to a show business family. His mother Josephine was a former actress while his
father, Elliott Sr., was the well-known impresario whose multi-faceted Aquashow ran
all through the 1950s on the site of the 1939 New York World's Fair. The show was
staged in an Art Deco outdoor theatre and featured diving clowns, ballet swimmers,
jugglers, comedians and The Duke Ellington Orchestra. Later, Elliott Sr. opened the
Sky Club in Roosevelt Field, Long Island not far from where Charles Lindbergh took
off for his historic flight to Europe. The Sky Club was a politically connected
restaurant/private club hosting such famous politicians of the time as Bobby Kennedy
and Nelson Rockefeller. But more impressive to the young Elliott were the Sky Club's
dance soirees, which featured The Ronettes, Jay and the Americans and The Seeds.

Elliott grew up in nearby Garden City, started playing the guitar at 12 years old and
with his band The Rapscallions he won the 1966 New York State Battle of the Bands.
He began writing songs while singing on the streets of Europe in 1971 and returned to
New York after a brief stay in San Francisco to secure a record contract with Polydor
Records. His debut album Aquashow (1973) was a critical success landing on many
"best of" lists for the year and feature stories on Murphy appeared in Rolling Stone,
Newsweek and The New Yorker. Follow up albums Lost Generation (1975), Night Lights (1976)
and Just a Story from America (1977) received equal acclaim. Special guests included
Mick Taylor, Billy Joel, Phil Collins. His music was post-Bob Dylan poetic rock heavily
influenced by New York's Velvet Underground and propelled by Murphy's driving electric
guitar and harmonica. After four albums on major labels Murphy was one of the first
American artists to go independent (by both choice and necessity) with the release of
the EP Affairs (1980) that sold well in Europe and set the stage for the successful
Murph the Surf (1982). In 1985 the Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) produced Milwaukee
began his long relationship with New Rose Records in France. By this time Murphy was
touring Europe constantly and finally moved to Paris in 1989 where he continues to live
with his wife and son. Selling the Gold (1995) featured a duet with Bruce Springsteen,
long-time friend, who often has invited him on stage during his European shows.

The following albums Beauregard, Rainy Season, Soul Surfing and La Terre Commune (a duo
with Iain Matthews) marked a renaissance in his recording career, with many critics calling
his double album Strings of the Storm his finest up to this point. With French guitar wizard
Olivier Durand he tours constantly, playing well over 100 shows a year all over Europe and
to sum up their 10 years together, Never Say Never...The Best of 1995-2005, a CD + bonus DVD
package of performances, videos and a discography showing all 26 album covers was released
in 2005. The year ended with Murphy Gets Muddy, an album of 9 classic blues covers and
5 Murphy blues originals, accompanied by a bonus DVD honoring blues songsmith Willy Dixon
with 5 live interpretations. In early 2007 the album Coming Home Again was released in Europe
and on iTunes. Rumours about the music on the album being ghostwritten by band newcomer
Laurent Pardo in Murphy's name to conceal a temporary creative low of the latter were quickly
debunked and have become known as "Pardo the leader" myth. Murphy's 30th studio album, Notes
from the Underground, came out in 2008. 2008/2009 saw Murphy back in the United States for
a duo and a band tour. A live CD/DVD-set documenting a Paris concert is scheduled for release
in June 2009.

"Rock'n roll is my addiction and literature is my religion", Murphy likes to confess in
interviews and articles. In addition to his music and song lyrics Murphy has written for
Rolling Stone, Spin, Mucchio Selvaggio and various European magazines and has published
Cold & Electric, a semi-autobiographical novel, in French, German and Spanish editions,
as well as two short story collections (The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Where the Women Are
Naked And The Men Are Rich) and in 2003 Café Notes (Hachette, France). In 2005 his
neo-western novel Poetic Justice (Hachette, France) came out in a French translation.
English and Italian editions are in preparation.
The novel has attracted interest from film producers as well.

About this recording:

It's a real shame: Have to confess that i was not a big Elliott fan - IN THE 70ies.
You know about this "NEW DYLAN"-thing...for me more repugnant than inviting...

This changed in the early 80ies, culminating 1984, especially with THIS show here.
Elliott was burning, the band supertight, his buddy Buster....UUHMMM...David J.
beyond words (as usual...hehehe...) ...and Peter was icing the cake with his

Some +10 years later Edgar signed Elliott to Blue Rose Records, and after a few German
concerts with his new band in 1996 he deceided to continue with Olivier Durand as duo.
The first bigger German tour was in autumn 1998, and again Wolfi, Frizze and me supported
them as concert promoter etc., and my wife hosted them at our home (like

One night Elliott asked me about my collection, and we all ended listening to this recording
from Montreux, and inbetween we got lots of stories about Ernie, Richard & some
facts about Peter & especially the typical way of his story-telling...somewhere
between completely mindblowing and screaming tales !

Cannot remember why, but again this tape here was deeply hidden in our vaults,
and i found it outright coincidentally, doing some investigation for my dear
DIME fellow and friend, Herr "Sir" hanwaker...i searched something completely
different, and then, out of a sudden, a small shoebox appears with this show.

Listening to it brought all the beautiful memories back, last decade...
and 25 years back. And checking the internet, i was not able to find
an official release so far - SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE & STUNNING !

The whole concert was broadcasted by Swiss DRS-FM live,
and the radio-DJ there did quite a good & not too annoying job...



Montreux, Switzerland
July 10, 1984

18. International Jazz Festival


recorded by lonetaper, audience to analog tape


DRS-FM Swiss Radio Broadcast > Airwaves > Sony STR 3800L Stereo Receiver/Amplifier >
> Hitachi D 980 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck > My Compact Cassette Master
(Maxell XL II-S 90 Epitaxial, 1-7/8ips Position Chrome, High Bias Type II, EQ 70us, 135 meter tape)

the other evening:

My Cassette Master > Nakamichi Cassette Deck 1 (manual playback head AZIMUTH ALIGNED !) > Analog Cable (coax) >
> Tascam DA-20 II, S/P-DIF out as A->D converter > Digital Cable (coax) > Behringer Ultramatch SRC 2000
(Sample Rate Converter & Jitter Remover) > Digital Cable (coax) > Soundcard, S/P-DIF in > CD Wave (recording) > Harddisc >
> lonetaper's secret box of miracles > CD Wave (tracking) > Traders Little Helper (SB aligned/level 6) > FLAC > DIME

the complete concert:

all songs by Elliott unless otherwise specified

CD 1 (46:24.57 mins)

1-01. ...intro Swiss Radio/tuning... 0:38.15
1-02. Off the Shelf + 4:36.05
1-03. Three Complete American Novels 3:42.61
1-04. Winners, Losers, Beggars, Choosers 4:45.12
1-05. ...tuning... 0:48.09
1-06. Anastasia + 5:57.58
1-07. ...12 years ago i was playing in Montreux on the streets... 1:06.72
1-08. Party Girls And Broken Poets 5:38.46
1-09. a song from my first album, when I was 9 years old... 0:22.04
1-10. Last of the Rock Stars + 3:49.72
1-11. ...introducing David Johansen from New York... 1:04.23
1-12. Having So Much Fun & 4:34.39
1-13. Heart Of Gold + & 4:21.15
1-14. ...introducing Peter Gordon on saxophone... 0:39.59
1-15. Doctor Calabash % 4:19.17

CD 2 (43:22.63 mins)

2-01. Calling on Cathleen % 5:08.03
2-02. ...a song about NYC... 0:36.63
2-03. The Streets Of New York % 5:16.02
2-04. ...thank you... 0:53.29
2-05. The Fall of Saigon + % 7:00.06
2-06. introduction by Elliott... 0:59.56
2-07. Continental Kind of Girl % 4:45.35
2-08. Drive All Night % 4:22.49
2-09. ...thank you/radio dj... 1:24.49

encore 1:
2-10. Diamonds by the Yard + % 5:19.00
2-11. ...thank you/radio dj... 0:53.04

encore 2:
2-12. ...2nd band introduction/thanks to Claude Nobs... 1:06.27
2-13. Blues Responsibility % $ 4:43.63
2-14. ...thank you Montreux/final applause/radio dj outro... 0:53.52

total: 46:24.57 + 43:22.63 = 89:47.20 mins


+ - Elliott Murphy on harmonica
& - David Johansen on lead vocals, Elliott did harmony vocals
% - Peter Gordon on saxophone or clarinet
$ - David Johansen on harmonica and harmony vocals


Elliott Murphy - lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, harmonica
Ernie Brooks - bass, harmony vocals
Tony Machine - drums, percussion
Richard Sohl - keyboards, harmony vocals

plus special guests:

David Johansen (New York Dolls) - lead & harmony vocals, harmonica
Peter Gordon (Laurie Anderson band) - saxophone, clarinet

Please support the artists, visit their concerts and BUY their CDs...

Check out their websites...

THIS TORRENT IS DEDICATED TO THE ELLIOTT MURPHY...with all his past & present bandmembers...
VERY special thanks to Gudi and jupiter2101...not to forget Olivier...

Big thanks to my wife, Mrs. Leo, for supporting
and taking an active part in all my crazyness...

No animals were harmed in the making of this
recording or during the mastering and transfer.

Please write your comments to show your interest in this kind of music.

You know, our friend Dave T says: "There's always more to come..."
And i'll promise you to keep MY tapes coming...


Absolutely no selling! Do not alter (remix/remaster etc...) this recording in any way, repost
it to other sites or even reseed it here on DIME without my permission - please feel free to
ask me priorly. DON'T convert it to mp3 or other lossy formats except for your own personal use.
And PLEASE do not share the content via rapidshare, mega-upload or similiar no means!

Recorded, mastered, transferred & finally uploaded by lonetaper on Dime, May 29, 2009. This is "MWM 0119"

This file must accompany this package to preserve the complete incommensurable informations !