Elliott Murphy 2001 03 26 KIRAN Paris (w. Iain Matthews) FLAC

Elliott Murphy
Olivier Durand
Iain Matthwews

sbd recording

Found back in my bootlegs this really nice show from 2001 and want just share it for all people who like good Elliott stuff.

artwork included

CD 1

Opening : Iain Mathews
01 Just One Look (acapella)
02 Girl With Clouds In Her Eyes
03 Mercy Street
04 StrandedElliott,

Olivier & Iain
05 Thirty Was A Long Time Ago
06 Caught Short In The Long Run
07 Blind Willie McTell
08 Close To The Bone
09 One Cold Street
10 Navy Blue

CD 2

Elliott, Olivier & Iain
01 Fading Fast
02 Darkness Darkness
03 On Elvis Presley´s Birthday
04 Where The Big Dogs Run
05 Diamonds By The Yard
06 Funk And Fire
07 I Want To Talk To You
08 Rock Ballad
09 Brown Eyed Girl

produced by Fan´s for Fans

Enjoy !!!