Artist: Elliott Murphy & Olivier Duran
Date: 17 october 2002
Venue: Auditorium
City: Lavis (TN) - Italy

CD 1
01) Come On Louann
02) Last of the Rock Stars
03) Sonny
04) Dragon
05) Little Red Rooster
06) Take Your Love Away
07) How's the Family
08) Fix Me a Coffee
09) Wild Horses
10) On Elvis Presley´┐Żs Birthday

CD 2
01) A Little Push
02) I Wanna Talk Whit You
03) Eiffel Tower Blue
04) Blind Willy McTell
05) Diamonds By The Yard
- encores -
06) Norwegian Wood
07) Stranger on a Train
08) Rock Ballad
09) Gloria
10) Just a Story from America
11) Twist and Shout

Recorded by zuma 66

Lineage: Sony WM-D6C whit Aiwa CM30
tapes > PC >
WAV editing with goldwave >
Traders Little Helper level 8

Recording & editing: Zuma66

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