Elliott Murphy & The Normandy Allstars
Reigen - Vienna - Austria

Live Mix & Recording: Andy Neubauer
Artwork: Niko Springstein
All pics: Peter Berger (thanks!)
All spring feelings: Anna

Line up:

Elliott Murphy: voc, guitar, harmonica
Olivier Durand: lead guitar, voc
Laurent Pardo: bass guitar, voc
Alain Patras: drums, voc

Thanks to Elliott & the NAS for this hot nite, Andy for taping,
Conny for sending the tapes over & Anna for keeping me warm inside ;-))

SB - Mastertapes - MAGIX Studio (fade in/out) - CD Wave (tracks) - flac

Dedicated to Mic Christopher!
Artwork included!

01 The Valley Below
02 Oh Wyoming
03 A Touch Of Mercy
04 Green River
05 Sonny
06 Pneumonia Alley
07 Something Like Steve McQueen
08 Razzmatazz
09 Canaries In The Mind
10 You Never Know What You`re In For
11 Last Of The Rock Stars
12 Navy Blue (for Conny)

13 Rain Rain Rain
14 Valentin`s Day
15 On Elvis Presley`s Birthday
16 A Touch Of Kindness
17 And General Robert E. Lee
18 Diamonds By The Yard
19 What The Fuck Is Going On
20 I Want You (bob dylan)(dedicated to Anna!!)
21 Come On LouAnn
22 Euro Tour
23 Change Will Come
24 Medley: LA Woman - Hound Dog - Sugar Baby - Born To Run

I decided to cut off the last track because they played it totally unplugged!
25 Anastasia - unplugged