Elliott Murphy & NAS

New Morning, Paris, France

Elliott Murphy : Guitar, Harmonica, vocals
Olivier Durand : Lead Guitar, vocals
Laurent Pardo : Bass, vocals
Alain Patras : Battery, vocals

Guests : Gaspard Murphy
Alain Chenevieve
Christine Lidon
Chris Mayne

Source: SDB (except last song CD 3)
All credits: Pierre

Total Time: 3h08min

CD 1

101 The Valley Below (EM & OD)
102 O Wyoming
103 A Touch Of Mercy
104 Green River
105 talk
106 Sonny
107 Elliott talks
108 Pneumonia Alley
109 talk
110 How's The Family
111 talk
112 Razzmatazz
113 Canaries In The Mind
114 tuning
115 You Never Know What You're In For
116 Last Of The Rock Stars / Shout / Rock Stars (w/ guest Gaspard Murphy)
117 Rain Rain Rain
118 On Elvis Presley's Birthday

CD 2

201 A Touch Of Kindness
202 And General Robert E. Lee
203 Diamonds By The Yard (w/ Gaspard Murphy)
204 What The Fuck Is Going On
205 L.A Woman (incl. "Baby Please Don't Go", "Spoonfull", "I Got My Mojo
Working" (w/ guests Alain Chenevieve, Christine Lidon, Chris Mayne
andGaspard Murphy)
206 "Happy Birthday" interlude
207 Message from Danny Montgomery read by Gaspard Murphy
208 Message from Kenny Margolis read by Michelle Murphy
209 Caught Short In The Long Run
210 Drive All Night (w/ Alain C, Christine L. and Chris M.)
211 "Happy Birthday" (Fran�oise Norma Jean Murphy)
212 Message from Ernie Brooks
213 You're Sixty (version of "You're Sixteen" modified and sung a cappela
by Alain Chennevi�re)
214 Let It Rain

CD 3
301 "Happy birthday" (crowd and Olivier Durand)
302 talk
303 Change Will Come
304 Euro-Tour
305 crowd and tuning
306 Hollywood
307 Rock Ballad
308 crowd
309 Anastasia (Elliott unplugged)

bonus track

310 Anastasia (AUD recording)