Elliott Murphy & The Normandy All Star Band

Guitar & Vocal: Elliott Murphy
Guitar, backing vocal: Olivier Durand
Bass: Laurent Pardo
Drums: Alan Fatras
Date: September 10th 2010
Venue: Glenghuset, Sarpsborg, Norway
Attendance: 150 – 200 people

Taped by the Easy Street Taper
Split, prepared and torrented by Bull

Lineage: Core Sound LC binaural mics > iRiver H320/Rockbox (16-bit/44.1KHz WAV) > track splits in CDWave > FLAC level 6

Easy Street Taper's notes:
This was my first ever recording and soon I’ll get a around to learning how to upload recordings. In the meantime Bull will have the honours of making this available.

I was positioned just in front of the right speaker. Towards the end of show the sound might go a bit up and down. However, Elliott was just in front of me so it actually turned out better than I thought.

Elliott and the band put on a great show this night. The city of Sarpsborg is no bigger than a couple of New York blocks, population wise, but the band made it a little bit bigger.
This was very nice and intimate show by an amazing songwriter and artist, backed by the great Normandy All Star Band.

Missed the first few seconds of Temple Bar… sorry, beginner f… up! Besides that show is complete. Low volume on the last two tracks, as they were performed without microphones - but nice and clear sound.

Included: Elliott Murphy’s handwritten setlist.

1. Temple Bar
2. Gone Gone Gone
3. Touch of Mercy
4. Sonny
5. Pneumonia Alley
6. Caught Short in the Long Run
7. Rain Rain Rain
8. Take Your Love Away
9. You Never Know What You’re in For
10. Last of the Rock Stars – Shout – Last of the Rock Stars
11. The Letter (written by Wayne Carson Thompson - The Box Tops, The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker featuring Leon Russell )
12. On Elvis Presley’s Birthday
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll
14. Diamonds by the Yard
15. LA Woman (The Doors)
16. Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan) *
17. Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan – performed acoustically on the edge of the stage without mics)
18. Green River (performed acoustically on the edge of the stage without mics)

* Elliott on piano, Olivier on guitar

On the setlist, but not played: Come on LouAnn, And General Robert E. Lee

Thanks to Bull for the equipment and for blessing the community with great sounding shows!

Support the artist, attend shows and visit Elliott Murphy at http://www.elliottmurphy.com/