Elliott Murphy and The Normandy All Stars - Burago Molgora (Italy) Sala Parrocchiale

Elliott Murphy (guitar; vocals)
Olivier Durand (guitar; vocals)Laurent Pardo (bass)Alan Fatras (drums)

sbd recording by Pierre
remastered mix sbd/aud by Martial

artwork: no artwork for the moment, if someone have pics from this show, let me know please.

Title of the show given by Pierre " This is for You ...Josephine , Gaspard and Françoise "
Reason for this tittle ,very touching speaking from Elliott for his mother Josephine and also during
“Caught Short in the Long Run”:

"I think in the last 25 years....I have spent most of my birthdays ....on a stage somewhere ...
in a town whose name I can hardly pronounce.....
And now I got this son , he is seventeen years old....I think I missed most of his birthdays .....
And he said, that's the price you have to pay Dad...
I feel very guilty about that really....
And now...he's seventeen , getting at the school ...
All what he wants to do in this all wild world, is to play guitar in a rock'n roll band....
I guess I did something right ( laugh... )
This is for You Gaspard .........! "

Also including......and very touching..... Rock Ballad with a fantastic solo of Olivier.....
long time i don´t have hear live......very beautiful !!!!!
This thank is for you Elliott, Olivier, Alan and Laurent !!!!

I got this bootleg last weekend by hand of Pierre in New Morning to can spread it under people who like to listen Elliott´s shows, so thanks to Pierre for that !
In plus i like to thanks again to Martial, who alltimes like to be helpful and gave once again his help for to mix in his greatful work the parts between sbd and aud . So...this thank is for you Martial !!!!
Thanks a lot !!!

So now.......just download and enjoy this show and don´t forget......
Play it LOUD !!!


CD 1
01- Crepuscule - duo
02- Black Crow
03- Sonny
04- Green River
05- dedication to Elliott´s mum
06- Pneumonia Alley
07- speakings
08- Ophelia
09- Razzmatazz
10- Canaries In the Mind
11- You Never Know What You're In For ( rem. mix by MARTIAL)
12- Last Of The Rock Stars / Shout / Last Of The Rock Stars
13- Euro Tour
14- On Elvis Presley's Birthday
15- The Valley Below

CD 2
01- Intro Lost And Lonely
02- Lost And Lonely
03- A Touch of Kindness
04- And General Robert E Lee
05- Diamonds By The Yard
06- Happy Birthday ( from the audience )
07- LA Woman / Baby Please Don't Go / Spoonful / I Got My Mojo Working / Baby Please Don't Go / LA Woman
08- Somebodies Anniversary
09- Change Will Come
10- Caught Short in the Long Run
11- Rock Ballad
12- Gloria

** DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING, feel free to give a copy to a friend **
************* and don´t forget to attend their concerts *************