Elliott MURPHY & the Normandy All Stars
Recorded live at the Soubock (Cauville, FRA)
January 21st, 2012

As an hommage to the Soubock's last call, here is a recording of the 2nd show Elliott and the NAS performed at this soon-to-be-missed great venue in Normandy.

Herein, you'll also find a sublime Rock Ballad dedicated to the memory of our friend Loli.

Lineage :
SBD (Edirol R-09HR) and, only for the encores, AUD (Zoom H4n)
> WAV 44kHz 16 bit
>Audacity for slight EQing and mixing
> FLAC (level 8)

Artwork included

Setlist :

Many Can Read (Few Can Reason)
Hangin' Out
The Best Kiss
Caught Short In The Long Run
Take That Devil Out Of Me
You Don't Need To Be More Then Yourself
Rain, Rain, Rain
Take Your Love Away
You Never Know What You're In For
Last Of The Rock Stars
Rock n' Roll n' Rock n' Roll
Then You Start Crying
Diamonds By The Yard

Drive All Night
Blind Willie McTell
Green River
Rock Ballad
Twist & Shout
Last Call

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