Elliott Murphy & The Normandy Allstars
March 27th, 2008
Neustadt, Germany

sbd > Nomad Jukebox 3 [mono recording, right channel only, wav, 44,1 kHz]

transfer: JB3 > CD Wave Editor [track splitting] > Audacity [duplicating mono track to left channel, automatic amplyfiying] > Trader's Little Helper > flac [level 8, sector boundaries aligned]
taped and transferred by finalharvest

Elliott Murphy: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Olivier Durand: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Alan Fatras: drums, backing vocals
Laurent Pardo: bass guitar, backing vocals

Disc 1 [72:21]
01 Crepuscule
02 Black Crow
03 Sonny
04 Green River
05 Pneumonia Alley
06 Ophelia
07 [??]
08 Canaries In The Mind
09 You Never Know What You're In For
10 Last Of The Rock Stars > Shout > Last Of The Rock Stars
11 On Elvis Presley's Birthday
12 Lost And Lonely

Disc 2 [59:43]
01 A Touch Of Kindness
02 And Robert E Lee
03 Diamonds By The Yard
04 LA Woman > I Got My Mojo Workin' > LA Woman
05 The Valley Below
06 Come On Louann
07 As Good As
08 Navy Blue
09 A Change Will Come

while the very friendly and very helpful (and as the concert was about to show later, very competent) soundman at the Rockland-Café gave me a patch from his mixing desk right away he could only offer me a mono signal. This resulted in a recording on the right channel and silence on the left channel. I duplicated the track in audacity thereby getting a two channel mono recording.

the venue was a backroom holding about 200 people and not all parts of the drumkit were fed into the mixing desk. That's why the guitars are very prominent in the mix especially when compared to the drums and the bass.

Elliott played and sang the beginning of You Never Know What You're In For unplugged away from the microphone. That's why for the first minute guitar, harp and voice are hardly audible. The same goes for the second to last song, which the whole band played unplugged. I hadn't recorded the show with any gain added but did so after the track splitting: Audacity has a feature for adding gain automatically. That's what I did to normalize the tracks as well as possible.

after As Good As there's about 45 seconds of silence between 5:50 and 6:32. I guess the soundboard was already turned off when Elliott and band decided to come back for two more songs and the soundman turned it back on. No music is missing. I chose not to edit the silent part out.

according to the sound man there was another aud taper present, whom I didn't see. As always: If a better recording of the show turns up I will gladly pull this one. If anyone needs my data for a matrix just drop me a note and I will send you the original wav file.