Elliott Murphy & The Normandy Allstars 2010-03-27 Paris - New Morning (BIRTHDAY SHOW!)

Elliott Murphy - lead vocals - acoustic guitar - harmonica
Olivier Durand - lead acoustic guitar - backing vocals
Alan Fatras - drums - backing vocals
Laurent Pardo - bass guitar - backing vocals

Special Guests
Gaspard Murphy - electric guitar - backing vocals - lead vocals (on "Born to Run")
Shanka - acoustic guitar (No one is Innocent)
Alain Chennevière - backing vocals (Pow Wow)

soundboard taped by Pierre (thanks a lot for sharing this CDs!!)
unplugged songs (audience recording)
Soundman - Mickaël Mayeu (alias Mike or Micka)

linage : CDs by trade-> flac frontend-> YOU !

CD 1
1-From Room 102 (duo)
2-Gone Gone Gone
3-A Touch of Mercy
5-Pneumonia Alley
6-Caught Short in the Long Run
7-Rain Rain Rain *
8-Take your Love away *
9-Niagara Falls
10-You never Know what You're in For
11-Last of the Rock Stars / Shout / Last of the Rock Stars **
12-The Letter (for Alex Chilton) **
13-On Elvis Presley's Birthday
14-On my Mind

CD 2
01-And General Robert E. Lee
02-Diamonds by the Yard **
03-L.A. Woman **
04-Green River (slow version)
05-Come on Louann
06-Blind Willie Mc Tell (unplugged)
07-Anastasia (unplugged)
08-Drive all night / Born to Run / Drive all Night**
09-Last Call (duo)
10-Change will Come

* with Gaspard Murphy
** with Gaspard Murphy, Shanka, Alain Chennnevière

Show - 2h 35'

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