Elliott Murphy, Ian Matthews, Olivier Durand

Parterre,Tuebingen, Germany

Source: Soundboard - MD Sharp MT20
All credits: Miseryman

Total Time: 2h39min01


01 Intro
02 Close To The Bone
03 You Never Know What You're In For
04 One Cold Street
05 Last Of The Rock Stars
06 Unconditionally
07 I Wanna Talk To You
08 Navy Blue
09 Swinging From The Yardam
10 Darkness Darkness
11 The Day After Valentine's Day


01 Intro
02 Something Mighty
03 On Elvis Presley's Birthday
04 Cortez The Killer (Neil Young)
05 Fading Fast
06 Where The Big Dogs Run (Aborted , Broken String)
07 Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)
08 Where The Big Dogs Run
09 Dusty Roses
10 Funk And Fire
11 Blind Willie McTell (Bob Dylan)
12 Diamonds By The Yard


01 Intro
02 Woodstock (Acapella) (Joni Mitchell)
03 Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon)
04 I don't Want to Talk About It (Rod Stewart)
05 Come On Lou Ann
06 Rock Ballad
07 Encore Break
08 Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)