Elton John
Elaborate Lives; The Legend of Aida
DEMOS **Never Released**

Source: Master Tape?
Lineage: ?>CDR>WAV>FLAC8

These DEMOS were supposedly recorded to present to the cast of AIDA so they could learn the songs. The lyrics were
written by Tim Rice (from the Lion King) and the music by Elton John. Elton sings and plays piano on all of these songs, and Guy Babylon
programmed all the keyboards and drums. Bob Birch is said to have played bass.These songs are more of the Broadway Elton than the
'70's Elton, but are still very good.If you are looking for a "new" Elton John CD, this may be it. This is far superior to the
official release, which had guest stars on all of the songs.


Another Pyramid
How I Know You
My Strongest Suit
Enchantment Passing Through
Trio (A Step Too Far)
Elaborate Lives
Amneris' Letter
Like Father, Like Son
Easy As Life
Written in the Stars
I Know the Truth
Not Me
The Messenger
The Gods Love Nubia