This is my first upload in 12 months. I rarely record or upload anymore
as I am demoralized from folks not bothering to acknowledge the effort
and leave a simple thank you. DIME really needs to revisit their policy
to inject some vitality to their torrent site. Perhaps preventing downloads
until a forced comment is left might be a good start.

Anyway, I noticed that SMORES requested Elton John recordings. I respect
SMORES for his unselfish and generous contributions. We have all enriched
our collections because of him so if you want to leave a thank you,
dedicate it to SMORES. He is the only reason this is seeing the light
of day.

I'm apathetic about Elton but decided to get tickets since the gig was close
by and wanted to be a Good Samaritan for any fan that wants this. I was in
line to buy a beer when they started playing so I turned on the recorder and
headed back to my seat, the sound improves as I get closer. I am jumping
and dancing around having a good time. I'm no longer a stand-still human
microphone. No sense in sacrificing my enjoyment when these days no one
bothers to say "thank you" on the comments. Please forgive my negativity.
I can't help it, I'm disheartened.

I have no clue what the names of the songs are so I just tracked them all
as unknown. I include 4 photos. One is of my beer (dedicated to you
Mr. SMORES. Thanks for all your unending contributions and enthusiasm).

Lineage: Zoom H2n 44/16>SP-CMC-20 Cardiods that are worthless> SP-SPSB-11
battery Box which is worthless>Roxio Sound Editor>TLH FLAC 6

Elton John - October 8, 2016 A Center, Corpus Christi, TX
Nosebleed section. I don't remember the seat but can find out if that
is important to you.

Band Members: ?
Track list: ?

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