Elton John,
Billy Joel
"Face to Face"
The Arena
Cleveland, Ohio
May 23, 2009

Recorded by Warciple RxR average audience recording
Location: Section 230, Row 13, Seat 21 'nosebleeds'
Source: (Audience) Samson Zoom H2 with SD flash > balcony
Transfer: SD > PC > Nero Wave Editor (volume) > CD Wave Edit (tracking) > Flac-8 > You

01 Intro
02 Your Song
03 Just the Way You Are
04 Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me
05 My Life
06 Funeral for a Friend
07 Love Lies Bleeding
08 Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
09 Burn Down the Mission
10 Madman Across the Water
11 Tiny Dancer
12 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
13 Daniel
14 Rocket Man / Jam
15 Levon
16 I'm Still Standing
17 Crocodile Rock
18 Angry Young Man
19 Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
20 Allentown
21 Zanzibar
22 Don't Ask Me Why
23 She's Always a Woman
24 Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
25 River of Dreams
26 We Didn't Start the Fire
27 Still Rock 'n Roll to Me
28 Only the Good Die Young
29 I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues
30 Uptown Girl
31 Bitch is Back
32 You May Be Right
33 Bennie and the Jets
34 Birthday
35 Back in the USSR
36 Candle in the Wind
37 Piano Man

Suggested CD splits after 13 Daniel, 24 Italian Restaurant = 3 CDs.

Recorded from nosebleeds, so this sounds a little distant. You'll hear the
occasional squeal of sneakers or click of high-heels on steps as the device
was positioned on an aisle, mostly confined to the beginning of the recording
as douchebags,drunkards, high-maints, and other untimely pricks arrived late.
The beginning of "Tiny Dancer" features a cacophony of impacts from an empty
plastic beer bottle topping down the steps past the recorder. I'd like to
thank the airhead lady behind me for that. It would have kept going down the
steps if I hadn't stopped it with my cat-like reflexes. Jesus, ever feel
like you're the only one who has his shit together?

The 4GB flash SD used in the Zoom H2 can absorb almost six hours of music
in wave format (16bit). However, it creates a new "file" after hitting
the 2GB mark, which this recording did at the beginning of "Piano Man."
Fortunately, only 10 seconds or so was missed as the device was "thinking."
This explains the fade-out after "Candle" and fade-in to said closing piece.

Enjoy! Do not sell or buy this recording. Do not convert to lossy.