Elton John & Leon Russell
Ft. Worth, TX
Ft. Worth Convention Center Arena
November 13, 2010
DPA 4061>Sony D100 DAT>Sony CDRW66>CDR>EAC>FLAC
*Note: The master for disc 1 was recorded at 32 kHz, the rest of the tape was recorded at 44.1 kHz. I had to do this to fit the show on one 3 hour DAT tape. I donít hear any difference, but my dog does.

Disc 1
Leon Russell
1. Eltonís Intro Of Leon
2. Tightrope/
3. Price Of Peace/Out In The Woods
4. A Song For You
5. Rolling In My Sweet Babyís Arms/
6. Stranger In A Strange Land
7. Delta Lady
Elton John
8. Saturday Nightís Alright For Fighting
9. Philadelphia Freedom
10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
11. Rocket Man
12. Donít Let The Sun Go Down On Me
13. Bennie And The Jets
14. Iím Still Standing
15. audience
16. fade out/transition to 44.1 kHz

Disc 2
1. disc 1 overlap
2. Elton speaks
3. If It Wasnít For Bad
4. Hey Ahab
5. Gone To Shiloh
6. Jimmie Rogersí Dream
7. Monkey Suit
8. The Best Part Of The Day
9. A Dream Come True
10. When Love Is Dying
11. introductions
12. Hearts Have Turned To Stone
13. Never Too Old-to hold somebody-
14. In The Hands Of Angels
15. fade out

Disc 3
1. disc 2 overlap
2. Burn Down The Mission
3. Levon
4. Tiny Dancer
5. I Guess Thatís Why They Call It The Blues
6. Daniel
7. Candle In The Wind
8. Take Me To The Pilot
9. Sad Songs-say so much-
10. The Bitch Is Back
11. Elton speaks
12. Your Song

Resisted the urge to twist and tweak the knobs, so this is a straight digital dub of a great marathon concert. A bit of a challenge to get it all on one tape, thus the LP recording mode for disc 1. Nothing is missing except 2 seconds where I paused to change speed, and the encore/autograph session before Your Song. Not a note or spoken word is cut. The brief dropout at the very beginning of disc 2 is the DAT switching recording speeds. Nice quiet audience, except for the screaming girl nearby. She is far enough away to add atmosphere, not distract. Could have been worse, I could have been sitting next to her. Please buy the new album. Most people in the audience used those songs as beer/bathroom time, and that is a shame. The material holds up. Leon was great, and Elton always is. The only disappointment for me was no ďBallad of a Well Known Gun,Ē but it is safe to say the other 99.99% of those there do not share my sentiments. Tracks done on the fly so they are not perfect. If you leave off the last track and first track of each disc you should have a seamless recording for longer media. Enjoy.