Elton John
with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Royal Festival Hall
February 5, 1972

Source: Silver CD
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Artwork included.

This show has appeared on DIME in the past, but was last removed almost exactly 4 years ago today.It has also appeared in DVD form. I do not know the lineage of the previous upload, but this is from my silver CD I obtained 15 years ago.If you don't already have this, Elton performed with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for this event. I believe this was Davey Johnstone's first show with Elton (none of the band performances are included here, however, but three are included on the "Elton 60" DVD). This is a "must have" for any serious, or casual, Elton John fan.

The Songs:

Your Song
Take Me to the Pilot
The Greatest Discovery
Sixty Years On
The King Must Die
Indian Sunset
Border Song
Madman Across the Water
Burn Down the Mission