Elvin Jones Jazz Machine
DeCordova Museum
Lincoln, MA

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taped and transferred by steve slslbsATmsnDOTcom

2-Afro Blue
3-Body & Soul
4-Sophisticated Lady
5-Shinjitsu (Truth)*
6-Mr Day
7-applause, stage announcements
8-Three Card Monty

Elvin Jones-drums
Nicholas Payton-trumpet
Ravi Coltrane-tenor, soprano sax
Javon Jackson-tenor sax
Willie Pickens-piano
Any McKee-bass

From the now defunct Sunday afternoon summer jazz series at Decordova Museum, Lincoln MA. Many great shows. This was initially broadcast by WGBH FM, the local PBS station. Radio announcements with Eric Jackson were edited out.

Sound is very good imo. Tape hiss is audible. The brushes are a little prominent in the mix t3, 4.
*tape flip/splice t5 10:44

This can fit on an 80 min disc if tracks 1 and 7 are deleted. Otherwise, put tracks 1-4 on CD 1, tracks 5-8 on CD 2.