Elvin Jones Quintet
WBAI FM Broadcast
"Jazz in the Garden"
The Sculpture Gallery
Museum Of Modern Art NYC
June 24th 1971

Tenor Sax & Flute:Joe Farrel
Tenor and Soprano Sax: Frank Foster
Keys: Jan Hammer
Bass: Gene Perla

FM>VERY low gen cass?>CD>EAC>FLAC
*EX sound for 71'!

Although I know the great album "Outback" came out this year, I am not very familiar with Elvin's albums, so I'm gonna need some extra help with this set. I'm sure the dime gallery will be educating as usual. The sound is in fine shape here but this recording could use some editing to cut out some dead air etc...

Note: At the end of disc one, the mix of the applause is super quiet & then there is a station ID. After some what seems like dead air, Elvin announces that "Ken Kesey is wanted at the ticket booth" He sounds serious. Classic!


T1 ? 43:25


T1 ? 27:59
T2 ? 09:06
T3 ? + intros 17:17
t4 Station ID & another band intro 00:32

Hope this is nice surprise for even EZT/DIME Vets. Anyway, First Rate Jazz-IMO.