Elvis Costello
An Evening Of Words And Music
Kaufmann Concert Hall
New York, NY
September 28, 2005

Elvis Costello - guitar, vocals
Bill Flanagan - interviewer

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Elvis spent about two hours on stage; he told some of the old stories, some new stories,
and played a few songs (and numerous fragments of songs) to illustrate different points
he was making. For instance, he showed how the hook from "Alison" came from a Detroit
Spinners song, and how his arrangement of "Peace Love & Understanding" was based on a
riff from Television's "See No Evil."

There were some other interesting stories. When Costello first met Mae Axton
(who wrote "Heartbreak Hotel"), she told him that Elvis Presley had donned a disguise
and had come to "check him out". This was particularly jolting to Costello due to the fact
that Presley had been dead for months when Costello first came to America!

Another interesting story is that Ross MacManus was on the same bill with the Beatles at
the Royal Command Performance (where John Lennon made the famous quip about rattling jewelry).
Having promised to get their autographs for Declan, he brought home a beautiful set of all
four signatures on one piece of paper. Unfortunately, the 9-year-old Declan then proceeded
to cut out each signature to paste them in his autograph book! If anybody is aware of the
scarcity of genuine Beatles autographs, they know that this was tragic indeed.

One of the biggest treats of the evening was a performance of an original song that he said
was patterned after Van Morrison's "You're my Woman", and which Elvis reckoned that he hadn't
performed since 1975. The chorus went "I Hear A Melody / and I know that it's not right."

A very interesting and unique experience. -- Mcwescott

01 Intro
02 interview 1
03 Domino (partial)
04 interview 2
05 I Hear A Melody
06 interview 3
07 Alison (partial)
08 interview 4
09 Stranger In The House (partial)
10 interview 5
11 Big Fool Of The Year
12 interview 6
13 interview 7
14 (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?
15 interview 8
16 Don't Lose Your Grip On Love
17 interview 9
18 Man Out Of Time (partial)
19 interview 10
20 Dirty Rotten Shame
21 interview 11
22 Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (partial)
23 interview 12
24 interview 13
25 American Without Tears
26 interview 14
27 Narrow Daylight
28 interview 15
29 The Scarlet Tide