Elvis Costello and Clover
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California
November 8, 2007
with guests Bill Kirchen and Austin De Lone

For the 30th anniversary of My Aim is True, and for a benefit for the child of Austin De Lone, Elvis and Clover re-created the My Aim is True album they recorded together in 1977. Clover members present were John McFee on guitar and pedal steel, Sean Hopper on keyboards and John Ciambotti on bass. Clover's drummer was unavailable and was replaced by Pete Thomas. Clover's vocalists, Alex Call and Huey Lewis, didn't participate in the 1977 recording or this concert.

Following the top-to-bottom playing of the My Aim is True, with original arrangements, Elvis and the rest of the musicians in various combinations played a second set of songs all written before 1977, Elvis's declared rule for the evening.

1. Introduction
2. Welcome to the Working Week
3. Miracle Man
4. No Dancing
5. Blame it On Cain
6. Alison
7. Sneaky Feelings
8. (Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
9. Less Than Zero
10. Mystery Dance
11. Pay it Back
12. I'm Not Angry
13. Waiting for the End of the World
14. Watching the Detectives

1. Just Like a Jukebox ? (Elvis solo)
2. Wave a White Flag (Elvis solo)
3. Blue Minute (Elvis solo)
4. Jump Up (Elvis solo)
5. ? (Elvis solo)
6. Living in Paradise (Elvis and Clover)
7. Stranger in the House (Elvis and Clover)
8. (Old song with new arrangement - Elvis and Clover)
9. Radio Sweetheart (Elvis and Clover)
10. Mr. Moon (Clover song - Elvis and Clover)
11. ? (Elvis, Clover, Kirchen, De Lone)
12. chatter
13. ? (Elvis and Austin De Lone)
14. (What's So Funny Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding? (all)