Elvis Costello & the Imposters
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
July 19, 2011

A Doodee Music Master Recording

"If it's a DOODEE, you know it's the SHIT"
- Stripeydave 2008

This post is all about freely sharing some great music, spreading the vibe of these bands, increasing sales of their goods and attendance at their shows and having a little fun.

So.......seems that old warhorse Elvis Costello is out and about workin' a game show / lounge act / go-go bar schtick. Last time I saw him, during my college daze in Chapel Hill in 1980, our dear ol' Elvis was smart, punked to the max and full of attitude. Well guess what - our dear ol' Elvis is still smart, punked to the max and full of attitude, all in a 2011 context and with a sensibility that fits his place and time. This concert was an absolute gem and is hands down the best show I've seen so far in 2011!

Elvis has a really deep catalog that's steeped in quality so there's just no way you're not gonna get a great song each and every time. Also be prepared as there's no way you're gonna hear everything you want to either. Even on this night with close to a 3 hour set there's just not enough time. When you're dealing with an artist that's produced 32 studio records that's expected. But, as our emcee "Napolean Dynamite" says, that just adds to "the power of the wheel". Plus, Elvis hasn't forgotten where he comes from and the artists who shaped him. There's a healthy amount of perfectly chosen covers here as well - Nick Lowe, Allen Touissant, The Who, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Stones and Chuck Berry among others.

And did I mention we got a very special guest at this show - T Bone Burnett. He played two songs with Elvis who also made him come out for the full band bow at the end of the show. Reverence, my friends. In another strange college daze twist, I also met T Bone in Chapel Hill. Still got my vinyl copy of "Truth Decay" with a personalized message and autograph from T Bone. Funny how things all seems to come 'round full circle.

Got an interesting story talking to an usher after the show. She said Elvis was so sick with flu-like symptoms the afternoon of the show they had to send for a doctor. EC must have gotten some of that home grown North Carolina mountain medicine to cure what ailed him as he seemed good to go by showtime and held nothing back. Jeez, the man played for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Folks, go see this tour with great haste. There aren't enough superlatives for this extravaganza. Again, if this show is anywhere near you do yourself a favor and go see it. Just look at the setlist below. C'mon!

If I'd had my druthers I would have preferred to have been recording from downstairs. As it worked out I was in the second row of the balcony but what we got here sounds quite nice all the same. Check the samples and use the democratic process. Download, enjoy, and pass it on. The Uncle D money back guarantee applies. In triplicate. Y'all enjoy!

01. Intro - Rise Robots Rise
02. I Hope You're Happy Now
03. Heart Of The City (Nick Lowe)
04. Mystery Dance
05. Uncomplicated
06. Radio Radio
07. The Spectacular Spinning Songbook Spin #1 ("Spinning Wheel" - Blood Sweat & Tears)
08. This Wheel's On Fire (Bob Dylan) >
09. The River In Reverse >
10. On Your Way Down (Allen Touissant) >
11. I'll Take Care Of You (Brook Benton) >
12. This Wheel's On Fire (Bob Dylan)
13. The Spectacular Spinning Songbook Spin #2 - Double Joker
14. Waiting For The End Of The World >
15. I Can Only Give You Everything >
16. I Want You
17. The Spectacular Spinning Songbook Spin #3 ("Dancing Queen" - Abba)
18. Talking In The Dark
19. The Spectacular Spinning Songbook Spin #4 ("Whole Lotta Love" - Led Zeppelin)
20. Bedlam >
21. Big Kick, Plain Scrap (Nick Lowe) >
22. Bedlam
23. Episode Of Blonde
24. The Spectacular Spinning Songbook Spin #5
25. Girl (The Beatles)
26. This Year's Girl
27. Spooky Girlfriend
28. Less Than Zero
29. Golden Hammer Of Songs #1
30. Pump It Up
31. Encore Break
32. A Slow Drag With Josephine
33. Sulphur To Sugarcane
34. Wild Side Of Life (Merle Haggard) #w/ T Bone Burnett
35. Don't Lie To Me (Chuck Berry) #w/ T Bone Burnett
36. Watching the Detectives >
37. Help Me (Sonny Boy Williamson / Willie Dixon) >
38. Watching the Detectives
39. The Spectacular Spinning Songbook Spin #6
40. Strict Time
41. Man Out Of Time >
42. Out Of Time (The Rolling Stones)
43. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
44. Alison >
45. Tracks Of My Tears (Smokey Robinson) >
46. Tears Of A Clown (Smokey Robinson)
47. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding? (Nick Lowe) >
48. Substitute (The Who) >
49. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love & Understanding? (Nick Lowe)

Elvis Costello - V/G/H/Master Of Jackets & Fedoras
Steve Nieve - K/V
Pete Thomas - D
Davey Faragher - B/V
# = T Bone Burnett - G/V

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