Elvis Costello and The Imposters
Warner Theatre
Washington, DC
November 3, 2016

Longest show so far of the Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers Tour. Elvis and The Imposters plus two female background vocalists playing 1982’s Imperial Bedroom, plus other songs he deems associated with it. A great eclectic long show filled with rare and almost never played tunes. A real treat. Just shy of 3 hours. Mix-wise the best sounding show so far. Let’s face it, for some crazy reason these shows have been plagued with sound problems, but there now seen to have gotten it together. Samples below.

If burning to CD follow the disc breaks below. If not, the show will play seamless.

CA-11 mics>CA Battery Box>Edirol R-09HR>>ProTools (for level adjustment, eq, compression, and song separation)>Flac

Taped by gravenb. Mastered by JB. Please don't sell. Please do not convert to lossy format and upload anywhere.

Disc 1 (76:38)

01. intro
02. The Town Where Time Stood Still
03. Lipstick Vogue
04. On Your Way Down
05. The Loved Ones
06. intro to . . .
07. Accidents Will Happen
08. You'll Never Be A Man
09. Tears Before Bedtime
10. Moods For Moderns
11. Shabby Doll
12. Green Shirt
13. talk
14. Human Hands
15. Watching The Detectives
16. The Long Honeymoon
17. This House Is Empty Now

Disc 2 (53:07)

01. Pills And Soap
02. Hand In Hand
03. High Fidelity
04. You Little Fool
05. Pidgin English

Encore 1
06. Alison - EC, Kitten Kuroi & YahZarah
07. Shot With His Own Gun - EC & Steve
08. Almost Blue - EC & Steve
09. Kid About It
10. ...And In Every Home
11. Beyond Belief
12. Man Out Of Time

Disc 3 (47:55)

Encore 2
01. Town Cryer
02. Everyday I Write The Book

Encore 3
03. Blood & Hot Sauce - EC solo on piano
04. A Face In The Crowd - EC on piano, Steve on organ
05. American Mirror - EC on piano
06. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
07. Pump It Up
08. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?