Elvis Costello and the Los Angeles Philharmonic
with Steve Nieve, Dennis Crouch and Karriem Riggins
September 5, 2014
Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

audience recording

Zoom H1 (internal mics) > WAV > Sound Studio (track splits, minor edits, opening and closing fades) > xACT (FLAC conversion)
Recorded by Bacharach (a third of the way back, right side)

01. [1:34] introduction by conductor Scott Dunn
02. [4:39] Accidents Will Happen
03. [5:29] Veronica
04. [6:09] All This Useless Beauty
05. [5:26] The Girl In The Other Room
06. [6:29] Shipbuilding
07. [5:18] Bedlam
08. [6:34] Wise Up Ghost
09. [8:00] Almost Blue
10. [7:03] Watching The Detectives
11. [7:25] God Give Me Strength
12. [1:00] applause
13. [4:39] Alison

Duration: 1:09:50

Elvis Costello - vocals, guitar on "Veronica", "All This Useless Beauty", and "Alison", piano on "Almost Blue" coda
Steve Nieve - piano, melodica on "Almost Blue" coda, nothing on "Accidents Will Happen"
Dennis Crouch - double bass
Karriem Riggins - drums
Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by Scott Dunn

"Alison" is performed by Elvis and Steve Nieve only.

This was the first of two nights for Elvis and the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl on a double bill with Ben Folds (also performing with the orchestra).

This recording has some distracting noises as the recorder is moved during "Shipbuilding" (3:59-4:11) and "Bedlam" (0:00-0:23). Sorry about that.

There is some talking from a group of drunks sitting directly behind me. One demonstrates his Elvis Costello impression at the start of "Veronica" (0:30) and then apologizes and promises to shut up (0:52) after I give him a dirty look. He continues to talk occasionally but waits until "Alison" to resume his impression. Other members of his group really want to hear "Ship Of Fools" (of all things). The wine bottle heard rolling on the ground is theirs.

Do anything you want with this recording. I can't stop you.