Elvis Costello & The sugarcanes
hard rock callimg festival,
hyde park, london, uk
27th june 2010

mystery train
blame it on cain
good year for the roses
new amsterdam\ you've got to hide your love away
red shoes
friend of the devil
everyday i write the book
don't you lie to me
what's so funny bout peace love and understanding
alison / suspicious minds

Edirol R-09 recorder - Sound Pro SP-CMC-4U cards with mini battery box
SD Card--Wav--edited with CD wave--Flac Frontend
taped from front row

good natured football ignoring crowd saw this perfect set from EC and the SC's. a little talking but it was a sunny day, everyone was in a good mood, nice recording
thats the end of my week of ec gig going and recording, folks!

and before you ask, no i didn't tape crowded house, csn, macca or anyone else. sunday is a day of rest in this heathen town. :-)