2010-11-1 (performance date)
Broadcast on 2010-11-7 @ 9 PM
Jerome L. Greene Performance Space at WNYC Studios
New York, New York, USA

Music Performance + Interview with WNYC radio host Leonard Lopate

This is an FM recording of the following torrent, which was an audience tape
(and appears to have more material than ended up in the actual broadcast):

Lineage: WNYC (93.9) FM > Yamaha RX-396 Tuner > ZOOM H-2 (Line-In, 44.1/16) > WAV > WavePad Sound Editor >
Trader's Little Helper (FLAC 8, align on sector boundaries)

Elvis Costello, vocals, guitar
Jerry Douglas, dobro/lap steel
Stuart Duncan, violin
Mike Compton, mandolin
Pete Thomas, drums
Jim Lauderdale, guitar, vocals
Jeff Taylor, accordion
Dennis Crouch, double bass

01 Radio Show Intro (Leonard Lopate talking over "A Slow Drag with Josephine")
02 Band Intro (Leonard Lopate)
03 I Lost You
04 Poor Borrowed Dress
05 Elvis Costello interview by Leonard Lopate
06 One Bell Ringing
07 A Slow Drag with Josephine
08 Jimmie Standing in the Rain
09 Elvis Costello interview by Leonard Lopate > station ID (cut from tape)
10 Interview continued
11 The Spell That You Cast > Leonard Lopate reads credits
12 That's Not the Part of Him You are Leaving
13 National Ransom > Leonard Lopate repeats names of band members

Total Time: 51:23

Quality Notes
overall it's good, though some FM hiss, a few static patches (esp. on 06 and 12)