"Better Than Ever"
Recorded live at the Houston Astrodome
Saturday February 28th, 1970 (2:00pm Show)

Distant, rough-sounding audience recording released in 2013 as a bonus CD
given-away with a 2LP bootleg released on the Victory Vinyl Records label.

Lineage: audience > ? > Silver CD > WAV > FLAC
The Silver CD was ripped to WAV on my hard drive using Exact Audio Copy
properly configured to my system with correct drive read offset. The WAVs
were encoded to FLAC (Level 8) using Trader's Little Helper.

The Houston Livestock & Rodeo shows from 1970 are Elvis' first live concerts
(non-Vegas) since his return to live performing the previous summer. As
such, I belief he was singing and the band playing with the inadequate
amplification provided by the Astrodome. (Once Elvis learned the advantage
of having stage monitors, it was a watershed experience for him as a vocalist.
But, at this early stage, he hadn't adopted to using them yet.) In this
audience tape, the audience members close to the tape recorder are much
louder than the performer. The A>D transfer was flawed. The applause and
cheering goes "in the red" and is probably badly distorted. To make the
CD more tolerable, someone reduced the distorted parts of the recording so
that these parts aren't loud anymore, just bad. This is a fatal flaw.
An entirely new A>D transfer of a tape source of this show is needed for
the collecting community.

Total time: 43:40

01 intro
02 All Shook Up
03 I Got A Woman
04 Long Tall Sally
05 Don't Cry Daddy
06 Heartbreak Hotel
07 Hound Dog
08 Love Me Tender
09 Kentucky Rain
10 Release Me
11 Walk A Mile In My Shoes - In The Ghetto
12 I Can't Stop Loving You
13 Polk Salad Annie
14 band introductions
15 Suspicious Minds
16 I Can't Stop Loving You
17 Love Me Tender (instrumental)

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