in memoriam - 35 years
German radio reports on his death
German radio broadcasts from 1977-08-17, FM (no music included)

Label: none
Sound quality: FM master tape (BASF LH 60) > audacity > you

The King is not forgotten.
Right in my darkest vaults I found this little treasure and thought it might be interesting to some of you.
You need to know some German, of course, but anyway this is a piece of rock history you shouldn't miss!

I had to erase the musical pieces because of official release.

01. SDR News, Wednesday, 8-17-77, 2 am
02. special news report
03. second (longer) special news report part 1
04. Heartbreak Hotel (not included)
05. second (longer) special news report part 2
06. Sentimental Me (not included)
07. third special news report, Wednesday, 8-17-77, 6.55 am
08. Hound Dog (not included)
09. SDR telephone interview (Hans-Dieter Reichert) with US correspondent (Furst) including technical problems
10. fourth news report introduction
11. Hound Dog (not included)
12. fourth news report (Gerd Alzen) part 1
13. Jailhouse Rock (not included)
14. fourth news report (Gerd Alzen) part 2
15. musical interlude (not included)
16. fourth news report (Gerd Alzen) part 3
17. musical interlude (not included)
18. fourth news report (Gerd Alzen) part 4

Scan of my original tape included.

Have fun! And NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!

Watch out for my previous uploads in the extra file.
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