Elvis Presley
Cut Me & I Bleed [The Other Side of Elvis]
Double G DG 003 (Released 1999)

Ode to a Robin
Wings of an angel
U.S. Male (take 4)
100 years from now (uncut)
Got my mojo working (uncut)
I washed my hands in muddy water (uncut)
Only the strong survive (uncut)
It's midnight (rehearsal Aug. 16, 1974)
Promised land (rehearsal Aug. 16, 1974)
Hurt (X Rated Version)
Cindy, Cindy (uncut)
Goin' home (takes 16/19)
Beach shack (Takes 1/3)
Don't cry daddy (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Heart of Rome (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Memories (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Stranger in my own home town (studio rehearsal July 24, 1970)
Good time Charlie's got the blues (live, Aug. 19 1974)
You gave me a molehill (studio rehearsal March 31, 1972)
Polk a little sock salad (studio rehearsal March 31, 1972)
American trilogy (live, August 30, 1974)
Monologue (Drug Story)

"What can you say about this release, well, it's a bootleg of bootlegs, there is no new material here on this cd, but just a compilation of songs that contains humorous outtakes and a cursing Elvis and other bad languages from studio/live/rehearsals taken from CD's like Hang Loose, Desert Storm, Brightest star, Lost on Tour and so on. On the back you can read a warning too that this cd contains explicit languages, well, you have been warned!!"

Sound rate ***/****


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c6056bde315d33cced0447d7c669aaa4 *Track01.flac
8021b8570886685f911d4d5093bd04de *Track02.flac
156a6103ee38190e4c15a39588bcafd1 *Track03.flac
08ac09af3bdc8483e09b615bc79afd6b *Track04.flac
d8c70c2ac40226a90f70eff8049e9e83 *Track05.flac
4ebdb2cb8255603f6ea06a88a2ce544b *Track06.flac
a975504969794c9c66ce2274ba080fe2 *Track07.flac
5195e2b3dc7adf705c0ed0d74180f672 *Track08.flac
3a1f28d65061709856c28d513528c9b5 *Track09.flac
b19b8fb972bbcc5d6a74b8c46015c330 *Track10.flac
39b3a50f64cd08e1d564829b99031742 *Track11.flac
bfb2f9be8e0c6934a21985e0a9dcc18a *Track12.flac
28821d26b52fc6f7c369cd7abfa715a7 *Track13.flac
8fbf7b37824784cab4d9c89bb852e810 *Track14.flac
d8558e850dd3e53f4522cd67237a12b0 *Track15.flac
8fc6cfc609e7a8bbbc1a893969153b9a *Track16.flac
8f19f6e6cd6c579490e795d60ebbff27 *Track17.flac
bfc600d1627904e2951d933f6cf0e878 *Track18.flac
49f645eafda24555543cf980fcab2a3c *Track19.flac
3916f00881f08a14d67035e73101b48b *Track20.flac
9e9df8e68470a42123e9ae8179866a68 *Track21.flac
43491fc76b503a81150e949d15f09859 *Track22.flac

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