ELP_Stade Olympique�Montreal, Canada (w-Soundcheck) 1977-08-26

Lineage: (2)TDK-D C90 tapes (Soundcheck: (1) TDK-AD C90) > Tascam 302 > Sony PCM M-10 at 96/24 Wave
files edited with CD Wave Editor V. 1.98 > 96/24 > Audacity for Volume and splice on Soundcheck >
converted to FLAC using Trader's Little Helper V2.8.3.182. Tape coversion and editing by Michael Cariola.

I have not downloaded the version of this show posted by "imaster1" but I did read the description.
Based on comments about the fade-in's, it leads me to believe this tape which has abrubt starts
at those points mentioned, is an earlier generation source. I did receive this in a trade from
a guy in Canada, but this tape (which is one taper all the way through) was recorded by a lady and
her girlfriend. You can here them discuss the tape flip coming up about 40 minutes in. There are
drop outs in various portions due to the microphone being screened by cloth (perhaps to conceal it
from security) or due to people walking in front of the taper. I believe this recording is a second
generation copy since I received it in trade shortly after the event for a male trader.

This recording also contains the sound check which I believe was done by the same guy who traded it
to me along with the main show therefore, a first generation recording on the soundcheck.

01_Abbadon's Bolero
03_Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Part 2
04_The Enemy God (Dances With the Black Spirits)
06_C'est la Vie
07_Lucky Man
08_Pictures at an Exhibition
09_Intermission (Piano Concerto No. 1 & 3 pre-taped)
10_Closer to Believing


15_Fanfare for the Common Man

Soundcheck before the show:

This is one long track consisting of the first three or four songs of the evenings set with
bits and pieces further on. This was an audience recording in which the taper was silent.