Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Keith Emerson: piano and many keyboards and synthesizers (including Moog)
Greg Lake: lead vocals, bass and acoustic guitar
Carl Palmer: drums, tympani, percussion

Swing Auditorium
San Bernadino, Ca. U.S.A.
February 9, 1974
promoting their album "Brain Salad Surgery"
runtime: 140:35 (minutes/seconds)


disc 1 62:04
1: hoedown 6:08
2: Jerusalem 2:54
3: toccatta 8:09
4: tarkus 29:48 (incl. Epitaph, applause fadeout after)
5: Benny the bouncer 2:54
6: take a pebble 6:10
7: still, you turn me on 3:16
8: lucky man 2:45

disc 2 78:30
9: take a pebble and piano improvisation 15:12
10: take a pebble reprise 2:23 (end cuts)
11: karn evil #9 1st impression 18:26 (cuts in drum solo)
12: karn evil #9 2nd impression 20:58
13: encore: pictures at an exhibition 21:30

unknown audience recording > ? >
2nd generation cassette copy >
CD (unknown number of CD copies) >
CD extractor (wav 16/44.1) >
retracking and level balancing, some loud clap reduction >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.

the CD copies this came from had several tracks
beginning at the end of tracks, so retracking was needed here.
other than a fadeout of applause after Tarkus and applause fade into Benny,
this is now a "seamless" recording and no longer needing 3 CD's
as this show was previously, even though it is still all in here.
and still, you turn me on.
the disc break is just a suggestion, in case anyone still uses CD's,
and other than the end of the 2nd impression of Karn Evil 9
the rest of this long show seems to be included in this recording.
there is some distortion in some of the loudest parts,
not quite as much after some level balancing in some tracks.