Emmylou Harris - November 8, 2019 Memorial Hall @ The University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC - EXC AUD recording

Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder (internal mics, auto levels, high-sensitivity mic setting) > Audacity (FLAC 6) > DIME > you

Captured from Sec MF Ctr Row M …. I've included a few photos of the venue and my view from my seat ...

I’d always wanted to see Emmylou Harris in concert but was having a very difficult time securing a seat to this sold-out-for-a-long-time show. My usual options of the neighborhood listserv, Craigslist, and StubHub provided exactly zero tickets so I was resolved to put a finger in the air in front of the venue, but wasn’t very hopeful that I would be able to get in… And then, thankfully, the venue released just a couple fantastic seats about three hours before the show and I was able to purchase tickets for my wife and I about 15th row almost dead center and we were in…

Beautiful, crisp fall Friday evening and indeed, the venerable concert hall in the middle of the University of North Carolina’s campus was packed. Emmylou was in fine voice and good spirits and appears to still very much enjoy performing live…I believe that you’ll find that this recording is very solid, as my neighbors were very polite and attentive, except for the gentleman sitting next to my wife who slept through most of the show lol.. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a “young” audience… as a guy a few months from 60, I felt like a kid in the room…

Honestly, I am not too familiar with most of the songs Emmylou sang, but it was a very enjoyable performance and I was very content being there to pay my respects to a songbird legend of our time… If you’re a casual fan of her work, you will enjoy this performance although I must say that the sound wasn’t very “crisp” and you’ll occasionally have trouble understanding the lyrics as Emmylou’s vocals were sometimes lost in the mix.

As always, do whatever you want with this except sell it because that ain’t cool.. Your comments are always appreciated

01 Easy From Now On
02 One Of These Days
03 Millworker
04 Green Pastures
05 Making Believe
06 Red Dirt Girl
07 Get Up John
08 How High The Moon
09 Ooh Las Vegas
10 band intros
11 Calling My Children Home (accapella)
12 Kern River
13 If I Needed You
14 A River For Him
15 Michelangelo
16 Going Back To Harlan
17 Together Again
18 Tulsa Queen
19 Wheels
20 Born To Run
21 Old Five And Dimers Like Me
22 Long May You Run
23 crowd > Emmylou thanks everyone again
24 Boulder To Birmingham

Enjoy !

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