Soundboard recording of Emmylou Harris and band; late show. Best as I can determine, none of this has been officially released.
Defects: Can not detect the tape flip. Near to perfect narrow stereo recording.

Charlottesville, VA -- Trax
1991-07-11B -- 80:28

01. -MC intro, talk-
02. Guitar Town
03. -talk-
04. In My Dreams
05. -talk-
06. Beneath Still Waters
07. -talk-
08. Rollin' and Ramblin' (The Death of Hank Williams)
09. Two More Bottles of Wine
11. -talk-
12. Sailin' Shoes>Crossroads>Sailin' Shoes
13. -talk-
14. Cattle Call
15. -talk-
16. Walls of Time
17. -talk-
18. One of These Days
19. The Boxer
20. -talk-
21. Rose of Cimarron
22. Ooh Las Vegas
23. -talk, band intro, talk-
24. Together Again
25. Born to Run
26. Luxury Liner
27. -applause, talk-
28. Satan's Jewel Crown
29. Jambalaya
30. -talk, MC outro-

note: late show
t10: instrumental
t12: Sam Bush & Al Perkins; no EH contribution
t28: w/ John Starling - harmony vocals

t02: by Steve Earle
t04: by Kevin Cronin & Tom Kelly
t06: by Dallas Frazier & Charles Rains
t08: by Robin & Linda Williams, Jerome Clark
t09: by Delbert McClinton
t10: by
t12: by ?>Robert Johnson>?
t14: by Tex Owens
t16: by Bill Monroe & Peter Rowan
t18: by Earl Montgomery
t19: by Paul Simon
t21: by Rusty Young
t22: by Rick Grech & Gram Parsons
t24: by Buck Owens
t25: by Paul Kennerley
t26: by Gram Parsons
t28: by Edgar Eden
t29: by J. Lippencott, M. T. Williams, P. M. Symonds

musicians: The Nash Ramblers
Emmylou Harris - vocals, acoustic guitar
Sam Bush - fiddle, mandolin, harmony vocals
Roy Hruskey, Jr. - upright bass
Al Perkins - dobro, banjo, harmony vocals
Jon Randall Stewart - mandolin, lead acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
Larry Atamaniuk - drums

Corrections and help with the missing information greatly appreciated.

No artwork.

recorded: cassette master>low gen cassette>DAT(16/48)>DAT clone;
no further information
transferred, mastered and posted to DIME by stevemtl on 2015-05-18:
R500>R44(24/48)>SDHC card
R44(SDHC card)>cable>HD>Soundforge(trim, edit, L2 level fix)>r8brain
(VHQ downsample)>soundforge(L2 dither)>CDwave(track cut)>TLH(flac
level 8, ffp, md5)>TLH(torrent)

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