Emmylou Harris with John Starling & Carolina Star
Telluride Bluegrass & Country Music Festival
Town Park
Telluride, CO

01. Sam Bush Introduction
02. Roses In The Snow
03. Blue Kentucky Girl
04. One Of These Days
05. Lodi
06. Millworker
07. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
08. If I Could Only Win Your Love
09. TBD-09
10. TBD-10
11. Born To Run
12. Red Dirt Girl
13. Pancho And Lefty
14. Satan's Jewel Crown
15. TBD-15
16. Wheels
17. Making Believe
18. TBD-18
19. Calling My Children Home
20. John The Baptist*

*w/Sam Bush

Emmylou Harris-guitar & vocals
John Starling-guitar & vocals
Mike Auldridge-dobor
Tom Gray-bass
Jimmy Gaudreau-mandolin
Ricky Simpsons-fiddle

Audience recorded in 16-48
Source: Schoeps MK2S(split 4 feet)>KC5>CMC6>OAde M118>Apogee MiniMe>Tascam DAP1
FOB-At soundstage fenc
Tascam DA20-MKII>Hhb 830 (cd-16/44.1)
CD audio extraced with Wav Editor
Dell Inspirion 13>Audacity (mixing)>Cool Edit Pro>CD Wav Editor>TLH (flac8)
Taped and processed by Richard Skaggs