Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
October 1, 1999

Source : Audience Recording > no lineage > CD-R (courtesy of M.R. archives)

Editing : Sound Forge (volume & tracking) > Wave > TLH (sbe aligned) Flac 8

Traders Den - May 25, 2020

edited & posted by kingrue upload #2538

When i recieved this cd copy, the song sequence was completely out of order and i had to re-construct the entire set list.

Many collectors have this erroneous cd copy and most don't realize it's messed up.

I don't know who screwed it up, but I've fixed it.

Unfortunately this copy is missing 1 song. "The Sweetest Gift" is absent from this version.

There is some stage banter missing between tracks 24 & 25.

I know for a fact that these 2 missing parts exist in the master recording, but i wasn't able to obtain it.

After spending hours listening to and painstakingly re-organizing this recording, this is what we have.

If the taper would like to step up and offer a new copy, that would be great.

I did a lot of volume adjustments on this to enhance your listening experience.

If you have the previous 140 min cd copy of this, throw it in the trash and grab this one instead.

Band line-up
Greg Leisz - pedal steel, lap steel, mandolins, electric guitar, vocals
Buddy Miller - bass, drums, other instruments
Ethan Johns - drums, other instruments
Wickes - keyboards, accordion
Bernie Leadon - guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals

Set 1 = 64:01
01 Loving The Highwayman
02 For A Dancer
03 Raise The Dead
04 Icy Blue Heart
05 High Sierra
06 Valerie
07 All I Left Behind
08 Blue Bayou
09 1917
10 Green Pastures
11 Orphan Girl
12 This Is To Mother You
13 Get Up John
14 Telling Me Lies

Set 2 = 76:02
15 Hello Stranger
16 He Was Mine
17 Sweet Spot
18 Western Wall
19 It Doesn't Matter Anymore
20 When We Ran
21 Pancho & Lefty
22 Fallen Down
23 Sisters Of Mercy
24 Going Back To Harlan
xx stage banter (missing)
25 Talk To Me Of Mendocino
26 Heart Like A Wheel
27 Band Intros
28 Wheels
29 Born To Run
30 Feels Like Home
xx The Sweetest Gift (missing)
31 The Blue Train