Eric Bibb & 33 Strings
Worpswede, Germany
Music Hall,

01 Going down slow (Trad.)
02 Solo's solo (Solo Cissokho)
03 Welcome (Eric Bibb, Solo Cissokho, Olli Haavisto)
04 Bring me lil'water, Silvy (Huddie William Ledbetter)
05 Stewball (Huddie William Ledbetter)
06 With my maker I'm one (Eric Bibb)
07 Panama hat (Eric Bibb)
08 Goin' down the road (Trad.)
09 La rencontre (Solo Cissokho)
10 Catfish Blues (Trad.)
11 Sail away ladies (Trad.)
12 New world comin' through (Eric Bibb)
13 On my way to Bamako (Eric Bibb, Koite, Habib)
14 Sebastian's tune (Eric Bibb)
15 Needed Time (Trad.)
16 Picture a new world (Eric Bibb, Solo Cissokho, Olli Haavisto)
17 Connected (Eric Bibb)

min 114:19

FM (analog cable) - Audacity - xACT

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