Eric Clapton - Play With Fire Revisited
London, England - February 17, 1991 - Mid Valley - MV 005/006 - sb6+

Disc 1:

1) Intro
2) Pretending
3) No Alabis
4) Running on Faith
5) I Shot the Sheriff
6) White Room
7) Can't Find My Way Home
8) Bad Love
9) Before You Accuse Me
10) Old Love

Disc 2:

1) Badge
2) Wonderful Tonight
3) Cocaine
4) Layla
5) Crossroads
6) Sunshine of Your Love


My comment: An excellent soundboard recording, a really must have. In my opinion this is better than the 2005 Remaster (Mid Valley 335/336), because here the sound is more clear and crisp.

Geetarz comments: A really ridiculously righteously remastered rock n roll reissue of Play With Fire on the Mid Valley label. The other is rated 'sb6', so I'll have to give this one a 'sb6+'. Recommended.

Artwork included

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Enjoy the music