Fabulous Thunderbirds 09/30/79
The Bayou, Washington, DC

Date: 09/30/79
Year: 1979
Venue: The Bayou
City: Washington
State: DC

Jumping Bad (incomplete)
Scratch My Back
Bad Boy
Walking To My Baby
Oh Baby
Full-Time Lover
She's Tuff
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
Rock With Me
Rich Woman
Marked Deck
Antone's (tape flip)
(tape flip) Got To Boogie

Kim Wilson - Vocals, Harp, Drums
Jimmie Vaughan - Guitar
Keith Ferguson - Bass
Mike Buck - Drums

WHFS Broadcast on 102.3 FM from high atop the Triangle Towers in Bethesda MD.

FM>7.5 ips reel>External EQ>Soundcard>WAV>CD Wave track split>CDR>EAC>WAV>FLAC Frontend

Keith Ferguson's bass was extremely loud and boomy so I used an EQ to reduce it somewhat. It's still too loud but although it's not technically correct it's how it actually sounded and I kind of liked that it that way.

This is one of my personal favorites which I have never seen surface from any other source. This is Texas blues, roadhouse style. Jimmie Vaughan and Kim Wilson are both killing.

I went to The Bayou many times, in the shadow of the Whitehurst Freeway, on K Street in Georgetown down by the Potomac River.