Artist: The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Date: 1981-03-07
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: Paramount Theatre
Source: Audience
Lineage: ANA(M)>WAV [96kHz/24bit]>WAV [44.1kHz/16bit]>FLAC [Level 8]
Transfer: Nakamichi CR-7A>PreSonus FireStudio Project>Adobe Audition 3.0>Cdwave editor>FLAC frontend 1.7.1
Taping Gear: Sony stereo mic>Sony TC-D5
Taped By: JEMS
Transferred By: Mike Ziegler

Band Members:
Kim Wilson: vocals, harmonica
Jimmie Vaughan: guitar
Keith Ferguson: bass
Fran Christina: drums

01. Roll, Roll, Roll (incomplete, cuts in)
02. Scratch My Back
03. Marked Deck
04. Full Time Lover
05. You Ain't Nothin' But Fine
06. Wait On Time
07. She's Tuff
08. Runnin' Shoes
09. Tip On In
10. I Believe I'm In Love
11. Jumpin' Bad

LENGTH: 39:37

JEMS master and excellent sounding but slightly bass heavy incomplete recording. This show captures the T-Birds touring in support of their Butt Rockin' album as an opening act for Eric Clapton. This is some grade A+ down home and dirty blues that only a master like Jimmy Vaughan could play. Stevie may have been the technically better and more well known of the Vaughan brothers on guitar but Jimmy had a better grasp on how to play the blues than Stevie ever did. This is some really tough gritty blues being played this night the type that they could never quite recreate in the studio. A light mastering was done on the audio to reduce the intensity of the bass on this recording since it was extremely bass heavy to begin with.