The Fabulous Thunderbirds
State Fair Coliseum, Dallas, TX

pre-fm (DoinkerTapes '80's Live Reseed Project)

The 80's Live Volume 5 "Shut up and pass me that beer!"

Welcome to volume 5 of the 80's flood!

Today's collection is just music to kick back with a beer and to have a good
time. Nothing too deep here, unless you find Brother Jimmy deep, that is! The
Fabulous Thunderbirds were recorded live at the State Fair Coliseum in Dallas.

From the original Westwood One radio discs.
WW1 show 86-16
Airdate 1986-08-18


1. Tear It Up
2. Why Get Up
3. My Babe
4. Tough Enough
5. Pretty Baby
6. How Do You Spell Love
7. Look That Way
8. One's Too Many
9. I Believe

Total time 36:06


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Originally uploaded to DIME by Doinker in January 2005.
First reseed by Doinker in August 2010.
Second reseed by propylaen in January 2014.