95.5 KLOS FM, Los Angeles, In Studio Unplugged Sessions, 1993 (most likely interval January To August)

I will share several short sessions in separate torrents, but this intro will be common to all.

lineage: FM broadcast> TDK normal bias cassette > CD-R > EAC (wav) > TLH (flac 8) > you

I forgot to make samples on another laptop, and can't do it on this one. You will have to trust me it is worth your listen and share ratio if you like these bands.

Recorded on portable Sony CD-radio-tape player bought in the fall of 1991. I still have it somewhere in my storage, but the tape
player stopped working long time ago. I recorded hundreds of tapes (TDK and Maxell normal bias) off the radio on it(mostly 95.5 KLOS and 97.1 KLSX).

Some of the tapes were transfered onto CD-R's in early 2000's via Technics direct drive double deck and stand alone mini Philips CD-R recorder model 560. That mini
CDR-560 is some quality piece of equipment. Got it through mail in promotion after buying Philips TV in 1999 at Best Buy, and it still works. I have never seen those
for sale anywhere.

After so many moves due to work, I have no idea where my tapes are, and some of the CD-R's are missing in action as well.

I believe these In Studio Unplugged sessions were with Jim Ladd as DJ. Somebody will figure out if it is him or Gary Moore, or another DJ whose name I can't remember
right now. It's not Uncle Joe Benson (he was at 97.1 KLSX at that time, when they were still a great rock station). I have not listened to KLOS in at least 20 years.

They were a great station up to mid 1990's, and marginally OK up to late 1990's, and sucked ever since after they got bought by some corporate lunatics. I really liked
their programming in early 90's. You could hear all kinds of rock music. They would often do album reviews where they would play several albums in a row. On Sundays
they had Breakfast With Beatles for threee hours. There was even prog slot called Stone-tracks on Sundays around mid day. The last track on this list is from Stone-
tracks program, but will not be shared as it is official. Kevin Gilbert was a fantastic musician, who died a strange death just as he was supposed to audition for
Genesis. On Saturday nights they had KBFH half an hour slots.
But the best part of all was the talk show with Frank Sontag which ran from Sundays midnight to 6am Mondays. Frank dared to talk about many politically unpopular topics
in American society. I once spoke to Michael Schenker from UFO on his show.

The only radio I still sometimes listen to when I am in LA is 88.1 K-Jazz. They kept the quality level after all these years. They used to organize Blues Festivals in
Long Beach, but I don't think they do anymore. I attended so many of them in the 90's.

Track labeling starts from 08 because this was added to the second disc of Page & Plant 1995 broadcast from San Jose.
Paul Rodgers & Neal Schon, 1993-xx-xx (Jan-Aug) ***not in this torrent
08. Hey Joe
09. Hoochie Coochie Man
Fabulous Thunderbirds, 1993-xx-xx (Jan-Aug)

I am not an expert on their songs. The only one I know for sure is Powerfull Stuff, but it ain't here.
George Thorogood, 1993-xx-xx (Jan-Aug) ***not in this torrent

13. Little Red Rooster
14. I'll Change My Style
15. Kevin Gilbert - Kashmir (Led Zeppelin cover will not be shared, but you should track this down if you haven't already. It is on some editions of his Thud album.)

Enjoy, Les Mountain. 2018-06-08