The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Universal Amphitheatre
Universal City, Ca
August 3, 1996

Bands on the bill - The Radiators, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Joe Cocker and Buddy Guy
Taped with a Sony D7 and a Sony ECM 959A mic. Sat 1/2 way back main floor center.
A hot show. I think Wille, Gene and Kid were fired up for the hometown Blasters/James Harman segment of the crowd.

Transfered using a Tascam DA-40, Monster cable to a Soundblaster X-Fi X-Treme console.
SPDIF to soundcard. Resample from 48K to 44.1K Sony Sound Forge. Wave to flac.

Kim Wilson: Vocals, harmonica
Kid Ramos: Guitar
Willie Campbell: Bass
Gene Taylor: Keyboards
Jimi Bott: Drums

3) My Babe
4)The Thing that I use To Do
6)Mannish Boy
7)Look At That, Look At That
8)Tuff Enuff

Can't think of the 1st two songs titles. I leave it up to you to provide a V8 moment.