The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Amstelveen, Netherlands
July 10, 2010

Source: DPA4061-> CA-9100 (custom built for DPA mics)-> Edirol R-09HR (48kHz/24bit)
Eq, volumes, fades and dithering to 16-bit/44.1kHz with SoundForge 9.0
Track splits CDWave, encoded to flac 8 & checksum with TLH
Flac files tagged with FooBar2000
A Dutchbird production (recording, mastering and covers)

P60 is almost around the corner from where I live, 5 minutes on bicyle, but I hardly
go there because usually they have nothing to suite my taste.
This shows was an exception. I have no idea how The Fabulous Thunderbirds came to play here, the Paradiso
would have been a better place, if only because their soundtecs are professionals,
unlike the amateurs in P60, who always know how to mess up the sound of a band.

A large part of the audience consisted of a loud group of people, for whom this show was a reunion of sorts to
judge by the kisses, loud cheers and trays and trays of beer. In the end the floor was completely sticky,
as were their sweaty bodies (we were having a heat wave). I tried unsuccesfully to avoid fysical contact.

In a way this kind of crowd noise belongs to The Fabulous Thunderbirds, although from the point of recording
I could have done with less.

Kim Wilson- Vocals, harmonica
Johnny Moeller- Guitar
Mike Keller- Guitar
Randy Bermudes- Bass
Jason (Jay) Moeller- Drums

Disc One (75:24)
01. Wait On Time
02. Hold Me
04. My Baby
05. Bobby's Blues
07. Groove With Me Tonight
08. Satisfied
09. Roll, Roll, Roll
10. Head Out On The Highway
11. She's Tuff
12. Instrumental

Disc Two
01. Payback Time
02. Catfish Blues?
03. I'll Be Around
04. Love The Way You Love
05. Got To Bring It With You
06. Band intros
07. Encore applause
08. Tuff Enuff
09. The Crawl