The Faces
That's All You Need [Oh Boy 1-9035]
Recorded live 1973

Contrast Clause:
It is likely the tracks on this CD appear here but it is not indicated where the unreleased compilation tracks come from.

According to, the art says "Recorded Live 1973" but this is actually a compilation of BBC recordings made from 1971-1973. April 5, 1973 is probably the date this compilation was broadcast. I believe most, or all, of this was recorded at the Paris Theatre."

01 Miss Judy's Farm*
02 Too Bad*
03 That's All You Need*
04 Stay With Me*
05 Memphis, Tennessee**
06 True Blue**
07 Twistin' The Night Away**
08 You're My Girl** - Removed
09 Cut Across Shorty*** - Removed
10 Bad 'n' Ruin*** - Removed
11 It's All Over Now***
12 Had Me A Real Good Time***
13 I'm Losing You*** - Removed

*London, UK 11/1/72
**London, UK 4/1/73
***London, UK 5/71

Removed tracks are found on The Faces boxset, Five Guys Walk Into A Bar.

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