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Tivolis Koncertsal
Copenhagen, Denmark
23rd October 1974

Soundboard Recording

1. I’m Losing You
2. Memphis Tennessee
3. Too Bad >
4. Every Picture Tells A Story
5. I’d Rather Go Blind
6. Angel (End Cut)
7. Stay With Me (Start Cut)
8. Take A Look At The Guy (Ron Wood On Vocals)
9. You Wear It Well >
10. Maggie May
11. Sweet Little Rock N Roller
12. Borstal Boys (End Cut)


The Band
Rod Stewart – Vocals
Ron Wood – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Ian McLagan – Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Kenny Jones – Drums
Tetsu Yamauchi - Bass Guitar


The Faces 1974 European Tour - (Not all dates known)
10th September - Zurich, Switzerland
11th September - Geneva, Switzerland
13th September - Paris, France - Taped
22nd September - Ludwigshafen, West Germany
24th September - Ulm, West Germany
25th September - Saarbrucken, West Germany
28th September - Hamburg, West Germany
29th September - Hannover, West Germany
1st October - Kirrlach, West Germany - Taped
2nd October- Offenbach, West Germany
4th October - Munich, West Germany
6th October - Nuremburg, West Germany
12th October - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
13th October - Groningen, The Netherlands
18th October - Copenhagen, Denmark - Taped
19th October - Aarhus – Denmark
23rd October - Stockholm, Sweden
24th October - Lund, Sweden – Taped


Before I go any further this is a shout out for Floydee who spat his dummy (pacifier for US readers) because of the clap
happy audience on my Faces Sydney 9th February 1974 recording.
Don’t worry dear as one can hardly hear the audience clapping on this recording, but as you come across as rather nit-picky,
you’ll probably be beside yourself that three songs are incomplete, nothing to do with me, they came that way.
I & others are waiting patiently for a list of artists you have taped, please upload them to DIME so we can critique your work!

Thanks to a long-time contact, I received this show on CD-R sometime in the early 2000’s.
Unfortunately, many tracks ran slow, the pitch was off, track cues in the middle of songs, accompanied by gaps between tracks.
Now all that has been corrected thanks to audiowhore.
I don’t think this show has been widely circulated so for many it will be a new show, for others a vast improvement on what came before.

As a Faces collector of live shows, I find this one a bit different to other Faces shows, Rod didn’t usually swear nor indulge in smutty remarks onstage,
the latter aimed at Ron Wood.
He & his fellow band members are maybe more drunk than usual, alcohol intake may be responsible for Rod’s numerous “Copenhagen, Good Evening” introductions &
why he’s a bit more chatty than normal, some of his comments don’t exactly make sense plus you can hear some chit chat between band members, not all of it audible.
He tells the band to shoosh at the start of Borstal Boys & that he will get the correct tempo by clapping his hands!

The current set list had changed somewhat since the Australasian / Japanese 1974 tours.
At this stage of the European tour, Kenny Jones no longer performs a drum solo in Too Bad, Ron’s one lead vocal song My Fault has been replaced by
Take A Look At The Guy from his first solo LP I’ve Got My Own Album To Do
or as Mr Stewart calls it “I’ve got my own bus station to wank in”.
True Blue has gone and Sweet Little Rock ‘n Roller has entered the set list.

It’s a pity that the rest of the show hasn’t surfaced, but an incomplete Faces recording, especially a soundboard is better than none.

Thanks to the ex-wine flogger & audiowhore.
Enjoy, Waz


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