Nice to be back and know most everyone's still here. :-)

Here's the first of a two part Fairport upload. The second part,
the late show that wasn't broadcast, is even better, imo.
Ok, not musically better,because they were a bit blasted
by the late show and the massesweren't listening :-),
but I actually enjoy that show more. I should be working,
so I can't get that one ready now, but I'm so excited to
see this forum back in business, I wanted to do something
to celebrate, and besides, I was uploading this the other
day when the site went down, so it's an appropriate way
to get back in business! I'll upload the late show tonight
or tomorrow.

(If I can find the art for both of these, I'll upload them both

Faiport Convention
Live at The Amazing Grace
September 5, 1975
early show
WXRT FM b'cast

To the best of my knowledge here's the lineage:
FM b'cast>Cass master>cdr
my cdr>eac>wav>FLAC

The set list:
rising for the moon
tam lin
the hexamshire lass
sir B. MacKenzie
pick Me Up
iron lion
lark in the morning>rakish paddy>fox-hunter's jig>toss the feathers
sloth (nineteen minutes folks!)

Sandy Denny
Jerry Donahue
Trevor Lucas
Dave Pegg
Bruce Rowland
Dave Swarbrick