Fairport Convention
Amsterdam September 1968

CDR -> Easy CD-DA Extractor -> WAV -> FLAC (Level 8) -> You

From the original notes:

"This short recording gives a fascinating glimpse of the "What We Did On Our Holidays" lineup live. It comes from a cassette bootleg bought around 18 years ago. No detailed information available on the web but it is possible that the source was a Dutch TV broadcast. The sound is a bit hissy, but overall pretty good for the vintage.

Set List:

01. I Still Miss Someone (4.28)
02. Bird On A Wire (4.13)
03. If It Feels Good, You Know It CanŽt Be Wrong (3.56)
04. IŽll Keep It With Mine (5.55)
05. Mr Lacey (3.38)

Tape transfer: cassette - WAV - FLAC

At the WAV stage the sound was cleaned up a bit using Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools. It was recorded at 48khz as the higher resolution makes a difference when working with old recordings of this kind."