This show is described as an audience recording made by a Telefunken cassette recorder. Apparently the show was the band's first without Denny and Hutchings. I think my copy came from 2004 or before through EZT. I renamed the files, checked for SBEs (with the WAV files), and generated a .ffp file.

Fairport Convention
Royal Festival Hall
London, UK
Saturday, February 14, 1970

Source: Liberated bootleg called "Walk Awhile" [Lagga Shoebox Archive No. 9].

CD 1:
01. Walk Awhile
02. The Deserter
03. The Lark In The Morning Medley
04. Sloth
05. Matty Groves
06. Flowers Of The Forest
07. Flatback Capers
08. Dr. Of Physick
09. Sir Patrick Spens
10. Jenny's Chickens/The Mason's Apron

Total time = 49:02

Richard Thompson - lead guitar, vocals
Simon Nicol - rhythm guitar, bass, vocals
Dave Swarbrick - violin, mandolin, vocals
Dave Pegg - bass, mandolin
Dave Mattacks - drums