Fairport Convention
Mandel Hall
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL USA
Wednesday, May 27, 1970

Source: FM broadcast (WHPK-FM). Recording process is unknown.

This seems like a very decent recording sourced from a radio broadcast. There may be a few of the usual glitches associated with recordings of this time. Any Fairport Convention show from this period with this line up (particularly with Richard Thompson) is worth it. I received my copy in trade. The show was uploaded in 2005 by dnick926:


There are some interesting comments included, and I agree with them, particularly about the pillowcase remark. I think my copy has different tracking than that uploaded here earlier.

CD 1:
01. Walk Awhile
02. Lark In The Morning > Rakish Patty > The Foxhunter's Jig > Toss The Feathers
03. Matty Groves
04. The Deserter
05. Dirty Linen > Paddy On The Railroad > Drops Of Brandy > O'Carolan's Concerto
06. Sloth
07. Drum solo > Lucy > Flatback Caper
08. Tam Lin
09. Sir Patrick Spens

Total time = 77:27

Richard Thompson - lead guitar, vocals
Simon Nicol - rhythym guitar, bass, vocals
Dave Swarbrick - violin, mandolin, vocals
Dave Pegg - bass, mandolin
Dave Mattacks - drums