Fairport Convention
The Fillmore East

Dave Swarbrick-fiddle, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, vocals
Dave Pegg- bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks- drums

01-Walk Awhile
02-Lark In the Morning Medley
03-Tam Lin
04-Dirty Linen
05-Doctor of Physick
07-Jigs/Reels (unidentified, Maybe Mason's Apron or Bonnie Kate/Sir B. McKenzies)

Lineage- Liberated boot from cd; decent audience sounding recording for time period, but can't tell exact source; CD-DA Extractor WAV to Flac>TLH> DIME

This is the Full House lineup of Fairport before the departure of Richard Thompson. Material from the Liege and Lief and Full House albums is featured. Not sure of the name of last set of dance tunes. Please help with that, if you can.
Show provides a decent listen given the age of the equipment used to first record it.I have record of this being the early show.
Adding here to the selection of early Fairport here on DIME by request. There's a great sounding Fillmore East show (soundboard I think) from the night before this particular show, and an FM from Chicago on this same tour that are still up on DIME as I seed this.
I first saw Fairport on this Fillmore run, but can't recall if it was night 1 or 2. Mott the Hoople was the opener, Fairport was 2nd billed, and Traffic was the headliner (promoting the John Barleycorn album). Terrific show,and I was astounded as a young bass player that Dave Pegg played what he played on an instrument I was struggling to master. Dave Pegg remains one of the great unsung bass players , who still astounds and inspires me on any recording I ever hear from him.
Please support all current and past members of Fairport by purchasing their commercially released output, and by going to see them live. Hoping to hear some 2014 Spring Tour shows here soon.