Fairport Convention
Old Pool Farm, Schwenksville, PA
Philadelphia Folk Festival
(1st gen sbd)

The Recording:
Master - soundboard > unknown r2r recorder (7.5 ips / 10" reel)
Copy - master reel > teac x-1000r r2s > Sony 75-ES DAT recorder
Clone - 1st gen DAT > HHB CDR recorder

The Performers:
Richard Thompson guitar, vocals
Simon Nicol guitar, vocals
Dave Pegg basil vocals
Dave Mattacks drums
Dave Swarbrick violin, vocals

The Set List

01 Walk Awhile
02 Dirty Linen
03 Staines Morris
04 Flatback Caper
05 Sloth
06 Banks Of The Sweet Primrose
07 Sir Patrick Spens
08 Jenny's Chickens/Mason's Aprons